Armor and Weaponry

Hit Locations

Hit Locations include: left arm, right arm, chest, back, left leg, and right leg. Head shots and hand shots don’t count.

A player goes unconscious upon receiving three limb wounds or one chest/back wound, after which they will begin their bleedout.

Armor Types

Armor can stop damage, but doesn’t stop effects received. Pierce is the only thing that goes straight through armor.

You’re hit with 2 Air Knockback, the armor will soak the 2 damage but the knockback still works unless you have a counter.

Hit by 1 Fire Reoccurring, the armor will soak up the initial damage but the reoccurring is still in effect. Each reoccurred fire damage can be soaked if you have the armor for it.

Armor Type Armor Provided
Leather Light 1
Metal Inlaid Leather Medium 2
Steel Plate Heavy 3
Metal Inlaid Leather
Steel Plate
- While cloth doesn’t provide any armor bonus there will still be a loot card to show for the item and allow enchantment and modification.

Protection from damage is only provided to areas that the player has tags for.

Armor is added with three numbers: Chest armor, arm armor, and leg armor.

So a player with full plate would have: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 armor total.

Players with mixed armor like Leather chest, Leather legs, and Metal Inlaid Leather would add up

1 + 1 + 2 = 4 armor total.

Weapon Types

All weapons do a base damage of 1 with base damage cap being at 3. Swinging for a 2 is very difficult outside of extensive training or powerful magics. Swinging a 3 is near impossible.

Weapon length numbers were taken from the Shades of Ruin rule page and will be credited as such.

Players may technically use weapons without their proficiency but cannot do maneuvers or use any skill or buffs related to the weapon.

One Handed Proficiency

The player is proficient in the use of one handed weapons.

Two Handed Proficiency

Allows the use of weapon two handed weapons. While holding a weapon with 2 hands you may resist a disarm.

Unarmed Proficiency

Allows the use of weapons up to 36 inches to represent unarmed fighting. When fighting with unarmed style you cannot be disarmed since you’re using your “hands” as weapons, any breaks done to your boffer is treated as a broken limb unless some measure is used to prevent it. (Evade, armor, resist)

Ranged Proficiency

Allows the use of ranged weapons. When using a phys rep’d bow or crossbow there is no CD on shot time. If the player chooses to use a nerf gun to rep then there is a 5 second cooldown on shots.

Includes: Thrown weapons in this category

Shield Proficiency

Allows the user to wield a shield in combat and unlocks shield maneuvers. Shields are never in any case to be used as a boffer to strike, pin, or otherwise perform offensive actions to another player, example shield maneuvers include calls like by the reach of my weapon knockback or by the arc in front of me knockback/stun and so on. NEVER USE A SHIELD TO HIT SOMEONE.

Dual Wielding Proficiency

Rank 1 Allows the player to wield two one-handed weapons in each hand.

Rank 2 Allows the player to wield two two-handers in each hand.
Req: # Str and Rank 1 Dual Wielding

Item Buffs

Items can be give temporary buffs that last through a set duration or until a condition is met.

Armor Buffs:

Braced: Resist Break
Polished: Reflect effect
Reinforced: Resist Pierce
Sleek?: Deflect attack

Weapon Buffs

Sharpen: Perform Pierce
Weapon Chain: Resist Disarm
Braced: Resist Break

Shield Buffs

Spiked: Inflicts damage when struck
Braced: Resist Break
Polished: Reflect Effect

Ranged Buffs

These do not effect Thrown Weapons

Sharpen: Perform Pierce
Tighten: Perform Strike

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Armor and Weaponry

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