Character Growth:

Everyone begins with ## to spend on skills like combat maneuvers, spells, and abilities. They have a set amount of attribute points to begin with.

Possibly set crafting to a completely different exp gain.

Players begin with a set amount of attributes upon character creation. During creation there will be a cap set to how many times you may lvl an attribute to avoid stat dumping. Players earn 1 attribute point at each game. All of this is subject to change.

Attribute Possibilities


Unlocks Feat of Strength and dictates how much you can lift when used. Allows for the use of heavy armor. Higher ranks of strength gives +1 weapon damage. May lower the energy cost of strength based skills.

  • Determines the amount of feats of strengths that can be done per day
  • How hard you swing with melee weapons
  • Unlocks higher ranked combat maneuvers that would need power behind them like Break, Cleave, or Smash.


Energy reduction of dexterity based skills. Grants evades (they can still be purchased separately)

Evades are used to completely avoid damage, though you cannot evade a strike. Evades can be purchased at scaling cost with exp. In terms of evades granted from Dexterity, a player can gain an evade every few dexterity lvls.

  • Determines the amount of dodges/evades you can do per combat
  • Unlocks rogue skills like stealth, lock picking, and traps.
  • Allows the use of Feats of Dexterity (Leaping and such)


Increases energy cap, improved energy regen, and health regen. Unlocks regeneration, increases bleed out timer. High ranks of Constitution can grant players the ability to only be downed by chest shots after hit locations are down. Can increase the hit locations needed to be hit to down you. (Edit)


Dictates a player’s research point cap. Allows the player to have epiphanies (problem solver). Dictates how many spells you can learn between games.


  • Grants Resist
  • Possibly for Psionics enables the use of stronger abilities

BETA Resist

A player may resist spell damage based on their will.

For example: A player with 5 Will has a resist score of 5. What does this mean?

If they player gets hit with 3 fire they can use their resist to block the damage and will have 2 resist left. Resist works just like armor, but in an amorphous pool that only works on magic. Spells that have no inherit damage are taken as 1.

Now, say that same player who is now down to 2 resist is hit with 3 fire again. They can use their remaining resist to block 2 fire damage and take the rest to their armor or as damage to themselves.

Resist isn’t triggered on it’s own and it is at the players discretion on whether they will use it to block spell damage or to take the damage directly to their armor or health.

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