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Considering adopting the “pool” based system for mana.

For example on top of armor players have a base of 3 health points or hit locations. This can be improved with constitution. Mana, which can be improved with intelligence, players can begin with a base of 10 mana which dictate how many spells a player can cast per encounter. Regen may be 1 mana per 3 min. This is separate from the energy pool melee fighters use, see combat energy for more info on that. Bolts may not be included in mana cost since they are just a base damage used by casters. Though charged bolts pull from the mana pool. This will limit the use of high powered spells on a constant basis.

May turn this into a steam renaissance game. The beginning will be in a post medieval world that is shifting into a new era of technology, art, and science. Modern medicine is just beginning to be developed and is in its grassroots. While armor is still a viable source of protection with the eventual invention of single shot fire arms the use of armor will be hard pressed to continue its legacy as the best protection around.

The beginnings of fire arms. All guns in this world (if any) will be single shot with drawn out reload times. Very rarely would a player have a gun that fires more than 1 shot. Guns can pierce armor but can be avoided with evasion or feats of dexterity.

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