Lore Chroniclers of X'Pait

With the Shard of X’pait now shattered and cast across the mortal plane the Chroniclers of X’pait seek to collect the shards to restore the balance of time.

They possess the secrets to time travel and only through them or really really extensive research can players unlock the ability to use the simplest of the time spells.

Simple spells include:
Time Tracking
Fast Forward (blink)
Detect Past (ask a yes or no question regarding the past on an individual)
Detect Present (ask a yes or no question regarding the present on an individual)
Slow Time – the world around you grinds to a crawl BTS Slow
Stop Time – The world around you stops completely. This effect can be resisted, but will trigger again in 1 minute. Time stop reoccurs every minute till the caster stops it using 1 mana per minute.
Rewind – Rank 1 in this begins with a 5 second reversal. Rewind may be used in a social situation.

Lore X’Pait
Lore Shard of X’Pait

Lore Chroniclers of X'Pait

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