Lore Ley Lines

Ley lines are magickal epicenters that connect directly to the void and are channels for energy that travels through the world.

  • Void Rifts can appear around Ley Lines
  • The Arcane Sanguis University is located on top of a Ley Line
  • The gnome city is built near a Ley Line.

Ley Lines are a direct source of magick in the world and spread the void taint that runs through all things born on the planet. Without the taint enchanting and any magickal art would not exist. Life is also powered by magick.

Though Laiy’andara and Mae’stera work to constantly renew and maintain the world, they work with the magickal taint it, without the taint they can’t keep the cycle going.

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Lore Ley Lines

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